Sabretooth - Easily Cuts up to a 1/4" Treaded Rod

Is there a way to easily and safely remove plaster ceilings without the mess and challenge? The new Heavy Duty SaberTooth™ Bolt and Wire Cutter tool was designed to easily cut up to a 1/4″ treaded rod.

Unlike cutting down suspended ceiling tiles, removing plaster ceilings is more of a challenge; requiring workers to climb on top of the ceiling to cut wires and because of metal support bars supporting the ceiling, plaster cannot easily fall to the floor.

The Sabertooth® Bolt and Wire Cutter cuts Jack Rod or 1/4″ threaded rod used for suspended ceilings, sprinkler pipes, HVAC, cable trays and plumbing, safely up to 7 feet away from the edge of the ceiling opening without climbing on top of it, allowing plaster to simply be pushed down to the floor. With Sabertooth® patented wire feed design to easily guide the bolt or wire at a distance and it’s lightweight yet durable 7 foot fiberglass pole there’s no climbing, and no struggling with metal support bars.



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