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Our Mission

Professional Engineering Co., Inc.’s mission is to provide its customers with assurance that we manufacture the highest quality state-of-the-art products with worker safety and efficiency as our guide.


In February 1989 two workers were using a six foot high staging to cut down a suspended ceiling in a high rise building in Boston MA. One worker was on top of a rolling staging and another was on the floor moving him around. The worker on top of the staging got his neck caught around some communication cables hanging down from the ceiling grid and was almost dragged off of the staging while it was being moved by the other worker who did not see the worker on top in trouble until it was almost too late.

Phillip Guerin founder of Professional Engineering Co., Inc. saw this and the next day he came into work with his first prototype to cut down suspended ceilings safely from the floor.

The prototype tool in 1989
The tool today.

Work smarter, not harder with Professional Engineering Co, Inc tools! PECI manufactures a line of the highest quality state-of- the-art demolition tools with worker safety and efficiency as our guide. Interested in learning more about our new tool? Contact Us today and ask about pre-ordering yours today.